picture: organigram

The Research Unit Historical Cultural Sciences was established as an interfaculty institution by the Senate of the Johannes Gutenberg University on 14.11.2008. It is open to thematically specialised, methodologically interested and interdisciplinary working academics, as well as groups of researchers, special research fields, graduate colleges and other research associations of the University of Mainz. Interuniversity, national and international research associations can also become members.

The members elect a joint committee which administers the funds allocated, decides on the admission of new members and the applications for the promotion of projects, organises regular meetings of all members and submits annual reports. In addition, it advises the President on job requirements and appointments and implements measures for giving equal rights and for safeguarding excellence, international visibility and the public presentation of the Research Unit. The joint committee consists of representatives of the founding members, representatives of existing research associations and further members. The President of the University is a member in a consultative capacity. The joint committee elects a spokesperson (and a deputy spokesperson), who is responsible for the running of day-to-day business.

The joint committee and spokesperson are supported by an office in carrying out their tasks.