Cultural History in Europe

institutions - themes - perspectives
International Conference of the FSP Historical Cultural Studies
17-20 March 2010

Conference report: pdf

The main objective of the conference is a comprehensive stock-taking of cultural history in Europe. Participants from over ten European countries will be reporting on the state of cultural history in their respective lands. At the same time, they will also be considering the form of its institutionalisation at their countries’ universities, research institutes and other institutions.

In addition, a synopsis of country-specific research topics and questions specific is being aimed for. It is intended to ascertain what questions and topics are particularly in demand or have already been dealt with to a large extent. Coupled with this is the question of (presumed) future fields of work.

Then finally the further prospects for cultural history will also be examined. These include, first of all, the opportunities and limits of financial support by universities and/or (provincial) governments. In addition, at the same time the relationship to other parts of historical science and to cultural studies in a wider sense will be considered.

The conference is being organised by the FSP Historical Cultural Sciences (HKW) in co-operation with Section II of the Department of History. It is being promoted by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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o Conception and planning: Prof. Dr. Jörg Rogge (Speaker)

o Coordination: Christoph Brix, Kristina Müller-Bongard (Head Office)

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