Young Cultural Sciences

The Forum Young Cultural Sciences is intended to offer doctoral candidates and postdoctoral students, who are pursuing appropriate projects, possibilities for networking and support. One to two meetings per semester take place within the framework of the forum at which – mostly on the basis of appropriate texts – theoretical and methodological bases as well as important terms of Historical Cultural Sciences are to be discussed. Insofar the Forum does not - or at least not primarily – see itself as a further platform for discussing individual projects. Among other things, papers are presented by outside speakers and workshops are held with GFK Fellows. In addition, external contacts, announcements and scholarships are arranged through the Forum. Furthermore, members of the Forum receive financial support to hold their own conferences etc.

At the present time, the list of members organised in the Forum comprises over 30 doctoral candidates and postdoctoral students from various disciplines and institutions, including Classical Archaeology, History, History of Art, History of Medicine, Philosophy, Protestant Theology, Classical Philology, Older and Modern History of German Literature, Romance Languages and Literature and Slavonic Languages and Literature. The Forum is under the supervision of the spokesperson of the Research Unit, Prof. Dr. Jörg Rogge.

Persons interested in collaborating should please turn to the Office.